Below are listed the names and brief biographical details of James Murray and many of his correspondents. The list comprises the authors and addressees of letters included in this edition (marked ‘correspondent’), as well as authors and addressees who are not yet included in the edition but whose presence in the archives has been documented by the editors (marked ‘correspondent (no letters online)’). There are also a few individuals for whom no correspondence with Murray exists (or has yet been found), but who are included (marked ‘non-correspondent’) because of their connection to the OED or to the Murray family, or because they were otherwise well-known.
Edwin Abbott Abbottmalecorrespondent (no letters online)20 December 1838 Marylebone, Middlesex, England 12 October 1926 EnglishHeadmaster of City of London School (18651889) / Author VIAF / ODNB
William Johnston Andersonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)10 June 1830 Arbroath, Angus, Scotland 1900 ScottishInsurance agent
Sir William Reynell Anson, 3rd Baronetmalecorrespondent (no letters online)14 November 1843 Walberton, Sussex, England 4 June 1914 EnglishPolitician / Lawyer / Warden of All Souls College, Oxford (18811914) VIAF / ODNB
George Latimer Appersonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1857 17 January 1937 BritishAuthor / School inspector VIAF‘Reader for OED (credited with 11,000 quotations in 1888); sub-edited in B and C; later drew heavily on OED in compiling his historical dictionary English Proverbs and Proverbial Phrases (1929); also produced A Jane Austen Dictionary (1932)’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Edward Arbermalecorrespondent4 December 1836 London, England 23 November 1912 EnglishProfessor of English Language and Literature at Mason Science College, Birmingham (18811894) VIAF / ODNB‘Edited many early modern texts for publication or reprinting. Friend of Murray, whom he supplied with copies of his “English Reprints” series for reading, and with whom he corresponded on many specific points’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Major General Richard Drapes Ardaghmalecorrespondent (no letters online)21 December 1823 Madras, India 29 April 1899 EnglishArmy officer ‘Soldier, serving in India and Burma; Commissioner of Pegu, 1863-78; also an authority on Burmese, which he taught at Oxford and Cambridge. Read for OED (credited with 8,400 quotations in 1884)’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Herbert Henry Asquith, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquithmalecorrespondent (no letters online)12 September 1852 Morley, Yorkshire, England 15 February 1928 EnglishPrime Minister of the United Kingdom (19081916) VIAF / ODNB
Sir Isaac Bayley Balfourmalecorrespondent31 March 1853 Edinburgh, Scotland 30 November 1922 ScottishBotanist VIAF / ODNB
Charles Godfrey Balkmalecorrespondent30 September 1857 Ipswich, Suffolk, England 3 December 1915 EnglishLexicographer Balk was one of Murray’s editorial assistants on the OED from 1885 to 1913.
Theodore Moses Barbermalecorrespondent (no letters online)12 September 1846 Epping, New Hampshire, United States of America 24 November 1915 AmericanProfessor of Latin at the Western University of Pittsburgh / Professor of English at the Western University of Pittsburgh
Elsie Mayflower Ruthven (Murray) Barlingfemalenon-correspondent1882 Mill Hill, London, England 1952 EnglishLexicographer Elsie Murray was the eighth child of James and Ada Murray. She worked as an editorial assistant on the OED from 1899 to 1920, when she emigrated to South Africa.
Katharine Lee Batesfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)12 August 1859 Falmouth, Massachusetts, United States of America 28 March 1929 AmericanAuthor / Literary scholar VIAF / ANB
Beatrice Battyfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1833 London, England 30 April 1933 EnglishEditor / Novelist VIAF
Alexander Beazeleymalecorrespondent (no letters online)6 August 1830 Brighton, Sussex, England 1 December 1905 EnglishCivil engineer VIAF
Henry Charles Beechingmalecorrespondent (no letters online)15 May 1859 London, England 25 February 1919 EnglishAuthor / Dean of Norwich VIAF / ODNB
Alexander Graham Bellmalecorrespondent (no letters online)3 March 1847 Edinburgh, Scotland 2 August 1922 ScottishInventor of the telephone / Teacher VIAF / ODNB
Gertrude Margaret Lowthian Bellfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)14 July 1868 Washington Hall, Durham, England 12 July 1926 EnglishArchaeologist / Diplomat / Travel writer VIAF / ODNB
Sir Thomas Hugh Bell, 2nd Baronetmalecorrespondent (no letters online)10 February 1844 Newcastle upon Tyne, England 29 June 1931 EnglishIronmaster / Politician VIAF
John Thomas Bellowsmalecorrespondent (no letters online)18 January 1831 Liskeard, Cornwall, England 5 May 1902 EnglishArchaeologist / Lexicographer / Printer VIAF / ODNB
Matilda Barbara Betham-Edwardsfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 March 1836 Westerfield, Suffolk, England 4 January 1919 EnglishNovelist / Travel writer VIAF / ODNB
Sir Arthur John Bigge, Baron Stamfordhammalecorrespondent (no letters online)18 June 1849 Linden Hall, Northumberland, England 31 March 1931 EnglishCourtier VIAF / ODNB
Adam William Blackmalecorrespondent (no letters online)20 February 1784 Edinburgh, Scotland 24 January 1874 ScottishPolitician / Publisher
John Stuart Blackiemalecorrespondent (no letters online)28 July 1809 Glasgow, Scotland 2 March 1895 ScottishClassicist / Scottish Gaelic scholar VIAF / ODNB
Charles Thring Bleeckmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1828/1829 24 July 1885 EnglishJournalist ‘Reader for OED (credited with 2,300 quotations in 1884)’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Louis Lucien Bonapartemalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 January 1813 Grimley, Worcestershire, England 3 November 1891 FrenchPhilologist VIAF / ODNB
John Frederick Boyesmalecorrespondent (no letters online)13 December 1896 Antiquarian / Wine merchant
Eleanor Kate (Hides) Bradleyfemalenon-correspondent? ? EnglishHousewife Eleanor Kate Bradley was married to Henry Bradley, with whom she had five children, including Eleanor Spencer Bradley.
Eleanor Spencer Bradleyfemalenon-correspondent1875 24 September 1950 EnglishLexicographer Eleanor Spencer Bradley was the daughter of Henry and Eleanor Kate Bradley. She worked as an editorial assistant on the OED from 1897 to 1932, first with her father, later with Onions.
Henry Bradleymalecorrespondent3 December 1845 Manchester, England 23 May 1923 EnglishPhilologist / Lexicographer VIAF / ODNBHenry Bradley was married to Eleanor Kate Bradley, with whom he had five children, including Eleanor Spencer Bradley. After performing some trial work on the OED in 1885, Bradley was made an editor in 1886. In 1915, he succeeded Murray as the chief editor, a position he held until his death.
Henry Bradshawmalecorrespondent (no letters online)2 February 1831 London, England 10 February 1886 EnglishBibliographer / University Librarian at Cambridge (18671886) VIAF / ODNB
Edward Lyall Brandrethmalecorrespondent4 February 1823 Liverpool, Lancashire, England 10 December 1907 EnglishCivil servant / Asian scholar ‘Joined the Philological Society in 1872, and regularly served on its Council. Sub-edited in G, H, K, and N; also read for OED, supplied many quotation desiderata, and assisted for many years by reading proofs and by verifying references at the British Museum’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Robert Brickerstethmalecorrespondent (no letters online)24 June 1847 10 July 1916 EnglishCivil servant / Politician
Robert Seymour Bridgesmalecorrespondent23 October 1844 Walmer, Kent, England 21 April 1930 EnglishPoet / Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom (19131930) VIAF / ODNBBridges lived at Yattendon, a village near Newbury, Berkshire, from 1882 to 1907, when he moved to Boars Hill in Oxford. Trained in medicine, he ceased to practise as a doctor after contracting pneumonia in 1881, thereafter devoting his life to literary pursuits. Dates of his letters to Murray so far identified span 19071912. Bridges was a close friend of Henry Bradley, whose Collected Papers he published in 1928 (after Bradley’s death in 1923) together with a memoir. Alongside Bradley, Walter Raleigh (18611922; first holder of the Chair of English Literature at Oxford), and Logan Pearsall Smith (18651946), Bridges was associated with the creation of the Society of Pure English in 1913.
James Brittenmalecorrespondent (no letters online)3 May 1846 London, England 8 October 1924 EnglishBotanist VIAF / ODNB
Elizabeth Brownfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)6 August 1830 Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England 5 March 1899 EnglishAstronomer / Meteorologist ODNBLike her sister Jemima E. A. Brown, ‘read for OED (credited with 3,000 quotations in 1884)’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Jemima E. A. Brownfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1832 19 February 1907 EnglishAstronomer / Poet Sister of Elizabeth Brown. ‘Reader for OED (credited with 4,500 quotations in 1884), and from 1882 one of its most indefatigable sub-editors, working on B, C, D, I, and P; close friend of Murray’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Robert Brucemalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 August 1829 Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 6 November 1908 ScottishCongregational minister
James Bryce, Viscount Brycemalecorrespondent10 May 1838 Belfast, Northern Ireland 22 January 1922 Northern IrishJurist / Historian / Politician VIAF / ODNB
James Brydonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1822 Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland Scottish
Mary Hyde Buckinghamfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)27 January 1862 Massachusetts, United States of America 14 February 1949 AmericanClassics teacher
Ingram Bywatermalecorrespondent (no letters online)27 June 1840 London, England 18 December 1914 EnglishClassicist VIAF / ODNB
A. Calandmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1854/1855 1910 DutchEnglish teacher
Lewis Campbellmalecorrespondent (no letters online)3 September 1830 Edinburgh, Scotland 25 October 1908 ScottishClassicist VIAF / ODNB
Charles Cannanmalecorrespondent (no letters online)2 August 1858 Richmond, Surrey, England 15 December 1919 EnglishClassicist / Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press (1898–1919) ODNB
Henry William Chandlermalecorrespondent (no letters online)31 January 1828 London, England 16 May 1889 EnglishClassicist ODNB
Robert William Chapmanmalecorrespondent5 October 1881 Eskbank, Midlothian, Scotland 20 April 1960 ScottishLiterary scholar / Assistant Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press (1906–1920) / Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press (1920–1942) VIAF / ODNB
William Chappellmalecorrespondent (no letters online)20 November 1809 London, England 20 August 1888 EnglishBusinessman / Musicologist VIAF / ODNB
Thomas Kelly Cheynemalecorrespondent (no letters online)18 September 1841 London, England 16 February 1915 EnglishTheologian VIAF / ODNB
Alonzo Churchmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1870 21 February 1937 AmericanCivil servant
James Toshach Clarkmalecorrespondent (no letters online)Keeper of the Advocates’ Library (18771906)
Herbert Coleridgemalenon-correspondent7 October 1830 London, England 23 April 1861 EnglishEditor / Philologist VIAF / ODNBThe grandson of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and a member of the London Philological Society, Herbert Coleridge was appointed the first editor of the Society’s dictionary (what would become the OED) in 1859. He died in the preliminary stages of the work.
Pieter Jacob Cosijnmalecorrespondent (no letters online)29 November 1840 Rijswijk, Netherlands 26 August 1899 DutchLexicographer / Philologist
Ethelwyn Edith Agnes Ruthven (Murray) Cousinsfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1878 Mill Hill, London, England 1945 EnglishEthelwyn Cousins (known to her family as Wynnie) was the sixth child of James and Ada Murray.
Lady Jessie Kinmond (Hutchen) Craigiefemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1864/1865 1947 Translator Jessie Craigie assisted her husband William Craigie in his work on the OED and collaborated with him on a translation of Fairy Tales and Other Stories by Hans Christian Anderson (1914).
Sir William Alexander Craigiemalecorrespondent13 August 1867 Dundee, Angus, Scotland 2 September 1957 ScottishProfessor of English at the University of Chicago (1925-1936 / Lexicographer VIAF / ODNBAfter beginning work as an editorial assistant to Bradley in 1897, Craigie was made an editor of the OED in 1901. In 1923, he succeeded Bradley as the chief editor, a position he held until the publication of the first Supplement in 1933. He also collaborated with his wife Jessie Craigie on a translation of Fairy Tales and Other Stories by Hans Christian Anderson (1914). See further EOED.
William John Eden Cranemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1832/1833 1910 Technical writer
Robert Needham Custmalecorrespondent (no letters online)24 February 1821 27 October 1909 Author / Civil servant / Judge VIAF
Thomas Dentmalecorrespondent (no letters online)Teacher
Albert Venn Diceymalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 February 1835 Claybrooke Hall, Leicestershire, England 7 April 1922 EnglishJurist VIAF / ODNB
Effie Dicksonfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)29 March 1846 Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland 16 May 1929 ScottishPoet
James Dixonmalecorrespondent12 December 1813 London, England 3 January 1896 EnglishOphthalmic surgeon VIAFAuthor of Diseases of the Eye (1855). In 1870, because of his wife’s illness, he gave up his London practice and retired to Dorking, Surrey, taking up literary and historical interests. Contributed quotations to OED, including many desiderata’, and gave considerable help with the history of medical terms (Gilliver 2000–).
Charles Edward Doblemalecorrespondent (no letters online)5 March 1847 Peckham, Surrey, England 22 September 1914 EnglishAssistant Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press (18791909) VIAF
Edward Spencer Dodgsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)18 November 1857 Woodford, Essex, England 9 October 1922 EnglishBasque philologist VIAF
Henry Austin Dodsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)8 January 1840 Plymouth, Devon, England 2 September 1921 EnglishEssayist / Poet
Katherine Fitzroy Druittmalecorrespondent (no letters online)6 July 1858 London, England 30 June 1887 English
Edward Gordon Duffmalecorrespondent (no letters online)16 February 1863 Liverpool, Lancashire, England 28 September 1924 EnglishBibliographer VIAF / ODNB
Stephen Troyte Dunnmalecorrespondent26 August 1868 Bristol, England 18 April 1938 EnglishBotanist / Private Secretary to William Turner Thiselton-Dyer (18981901) VIAF
George Eliot(Mary Anne (Evans) Lewes)femalecorrespondent22 November 1819 22 December 1880 EnglishNovelist / Poet VIAF / ODNB
William Hugh Elliot-Murray-Kynynmound, 3rd Earl of Mintomalecorrespondent (no letters online)19 March 1814 17 March 1891 EnglishPolitician
Richard Thomas Elliottmalecorrespondent28 September 1863 Camberwell, Surrey, England 5 August 1926 EnglishClassicist VIAF
Alexander John Ellismalecorrespondent (no letters online)14 June 1814 Hoxton, Middlesex, England 28 October 1890 EnglishMathematician / Philologist VIAF / ODNB
Robinson Ellismalecorrespondent5 September 1834 Barming, Kent, England 9 October 1913 EnglishClassicist VIAF / ODNB‘Classical scholar, perhaps best known for his edition of Catullus. Close friend of Murray, whom he often accompanied on holidays abroad; regularly consulted for advice on particular words; also read for OED’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Frederick Thomas Elworthymalecorrespondent10 January 1830 Wellington, Somerset, England 13 December 1907 EnglishPhilologist / Antiquarian VIAF / ODNB‘Wrote extensively on Somerset and Devon, including The West Somerset Word-Book (1886). Close friend of Murray. He and his family read for OED (credited between them with 12,900 quotations in 1884), and sub-edited part of D’ (Gilliver 2000–).
John Stephen Farmermalecorrespondent7 March 1854 Bedford, Bedfordshire, England 18 January 1916 EnglishAuthor / Lexicographer / Spiritualist VIAF
Joseph Thomas Fowlermalecorrespondent (no letters online)9 June 1833 Winterton, Lincolnshire, England 22 March 1924 EnglishSurgeon / Clergyman / Antiquarian VIAF
Sir James George Frazermalecorrespondent1 January 1854 Glasgow, Scotland 7 May 1941 ScottishAnthropologist / Classicist VIAF / ODNB
Edward Augustus Freemanmalecorrespondent (no letters online)2 August 1823 Harborne, Staffordshire, England 16 March 1892 EnglishHistorian VIAF / ODNB
John Charles Freemanmalecorrespondent (no letters online)14 February 1842 Lisle, New York, United States of America 10 April 1911 AmericanLiterary scholar VIAF
Frederick Cornish Frostmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1855 Torquay, Devon, England 14 May 1914 EnglishAntiquarian / Auctioneer
Henry Frowdemalecorrespondent (no letters online)8 February 1841 Southsea, Hampshire, England 3 March 1927 EnglishPublisher to the University of Oxford (18831913) VIAF / ODNB
Isaac Kaufmann Funkmalecorrespondent (no letters online)10 September 1839 Clifton, Ohio, United States of America 4 April 1912 AmericanLexicographer / Publisher VIAFFunk founded the publishing house Funk & Wagnalls, for which he edited A Standard Dictionary of the English Language (18931895).
Frederick James Furnivallmalecorrespondent4 February 1825 Egham, Surrey, England 2 July 1910 EnglishEditor / Philologist VIAF / ODNBA prominent member of the London Philological Society, Furnivall was appointed the editor of what would become the OED after the death of Herbert Coleridge in 1861. He carried no part of the dictionary through to publication and was succeeded by Murray in 1879. He ‘remained actively involved with the Dictionary until his death, as an advocate of the project, as a constant source of advice, by research in the British Museum, and as a tireless contributor of quotations (already credited with “about 30,000” in 1888), including a great many taken from his ordinary daily reading of newspapers and magazines’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Sir William Tennant Gairdnermalecorrespondent (no letters online)8 November 1824 Edinburgh, Scotland 28 June 1907 ScottishPathologist / Physician VIAF / ODNB
Philip Lyttelton Gellmalecorrespondent29 April 1852 London, England 29 May 1926 EnglishBusinessman / Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press (1884–1898) VIAFAs Secretary, Gell ‘appointed Henry Bradley to assist Murray; constantly sought to improve the rate of production’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Henry Hucks Gibbs, 1st Baron Aldenhammalecorrespondent31 August 1819 London, England 13 September 1907 EnglishBanker / Businessman VIAF / ODNB‘Joined the Philological Society in 1859, and remained closely involved with OED for the rest of his life; became a close friend of Murray, whom he advised and helped in respect of both editorial and practical aspects of the work. Reader for OED; sub-edited in C, K, and Q’ and collaborated in his cousin Charlotte Yonge’s sub-editing part of N; ‘read and annotated the proofs of the first fascicle, and continued to help in this way for many years; consulted as an authority on financial terms. Also edited texts for the EETS and other societies’ (Gilliver 2000–).
J. Gibbsmalecorrespondent (no letters online)
Henry Neville Gladstone, 1st Baron Gladstone of Hawardenmalecorrespondent (no letters online)2 April 1852 London, England 28 April 1935 EnglishBusinessman ODNB
Herbert John Gladstone, 1st Viscount Gladstonemalecorrespondent (no letters online)7 January 1854 London, England 6 March 1930 EnglishHome Secretary of the United Kingdom (19051910) / Governor-General of the Union of South Africa (19101914) VIAF / ODNB
William Ewart Gladstonemalecorrespondent29 December 1809 Liverpool, Lancashire, England 19 May 1898 EnglishAuthor / Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (18681874, 18801885, 1886, 18921894) VIAF / ODNBGladstone seems first to have met Murray when presenting prizes at Mill Hill School in the summer of 1880 at the start of his second term of office as Prime Minister. He ‘often stayed with the Earl of Aberdeen in the village and made a habit of dropping in to Murray’s workroom, prior to the family’s removal to Oxford, bringing other guests with him, to see how the work was progressing—expressing the “sorrowful conviction” that he would never see the completion of the work’ (Murray 1977: 186–187, quoting ‘Curiosus’ 1880: 263).
Alfred Denis Godleymalecorrespondent (no letters online)22 January 1856 Ashfield, Cavan, Ireland 27 June 1925 IrishClassicist / Author VIAF / ODNB
John Arthur Godley, 1st Baron Kilbrackenmalecorrespondent (no letters online)17 June 1847 London, England 27 June 1932 EnglishCivil servant VIAF / ODNB
Richard William Gouldingmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1868 Louth, Lincolnshire, England 1929 EnglishLibrarian / Local historian VIAF
Charles Graymalecorrespondent (no letters online)1831/1832 Physician Gray was a reader for the OED (Murray 1884).
Walter Gregormalecorrespondent (no letters online)23 October 1825 Keith, Banffshire, Scotland 4 February 1897 ScottishClergyman / Editor / Folklorist VIAF / ODNB
Elizabeth Greyfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)
Edward Everett Halemalecorrespondent (no letters online)3 April 1822 Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America 10 June 1909 AmericanAuthor / Clergyman / Historian VIAF / ANB
Fitzedward Hallmalecorrespondent (no letters online)21 March 1825 Troy, New York, United States of America 1 February 1901 AmericanAsian scholar / Philologist VIAF / ODNB
Thomas Hallammalecorrespondent (no letters online)7 September 1895 EnglishPhilologist
J. Hamiltonmalecorrespondent
James Hammondmalecorrespondent (no letters online)10 October 1850 Whitchurch-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, England 29 August 1930 EnglishMathematician
John Hancockmalecorrespondent (no letters online)24 February 1808 Newcastle upon Tyne, England 11 October 1890 EnglishNaturalist
Heywood Hardymalecorrespondent (no letters online)25 November 1842 Chichester, Sussex, England 20 January 1933 EnglishPainter VIAF
Thomas Hardymalecorrespondent2 June 1840 Higher Bockhampton, Dorset, England 11 January 1928 EnglishNovelist / Poet VIAF / ODNB
Harold Harleymalecorrespondent (no letters online)Teacher
Horace Henry Hartmalecorrespondent (no letters online)23 March 1840 Sudbury, Suffolk, England 9 October 1916 EnglishController of the Oxford University Press (18831915) VIAF / ODNB
Edith Margaret Hastingsfemalecorrespondent1851 21 April 1941 BritishHeadmistress of Wimbledon High School (18801908) / School inspector Hastings was the first Headmistress of Wimbledon High School (set up by the Girls’ Public Day School Company in 1880). She had moved to the school (aged 29) from a previous headship at Nottingham High School and left to become an Inspector of Secondary Schools.
Hartwig Richard Helwichmalecorrespondent (no letters online)9 December 1844 Königgrätz, Austria 1900 AustrianPhilologist
William Ernest Henleymalecorrespondent23 August 1849 Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England 11 July 1903 EnglishAuthor / Lexicographer VIAF / ODNB
Sidney John Hervon Herrtagemalenon-correspondent19 February 1845 October 1893 IrishLexicographer / Philologist Herrtage ‘edited several texts for the EETS, including the late 15th-century glossary Catholicon Anglicum (published 1881), and for the English Dialect Society. Reader for OED; appointed by Murray as his first assistant in the Scriptorium in 1879, but was dismissed in 1882’ for the theft of reference books and the misappropriation of OED materials to work on another project, Cassell’s Encyclopædic Dictionary (18791888) (Gilliver 2000–).
Andrew John Herbertsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)11 October 1865 Galashiels, Selkirkshire, Scotland 15 July 1915 ScottishGeographer VIAF / ODNB
George Birkbeck Norman Hillmalecorrespondent (no letters online)7 June 1835 Tottenham, Middlesex, England 24 February 1903 EnglishAuthor / Editor VIAF / ODNB
Wallace Henry Hillsmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1863 Chiddingly, Sussex, England 5 January 1932 Journalist / Local historian
Louise Manning Hodgkinsfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)5 August 1846 Ipswich, Massachusetts, United States of America 28 November 1935 Literary scholar
Fenton John Anthony Hortmalecorrespondent (no letters online)23 April 1828 Dublin, Ireland 30 November 1892 IrishTheologian VIAF / ODNB
Jennett Humphreysfemalecorrespondent17 April 1829 Cricklewood, Middlesex, England 6 February 1917 EnglishBiographer / Children’s author / Poet VIAFA prolific contributor to the dictionary (credited with 18,700 slips in 1888), Humphreys frequently advised Murray on the vocabulary of cooking (Gilliver 2000–). She also contributed to a sister enterprise to the OED, the Dictionary of National Biography, writing 98 biographies, many of them about women. She interviewed Murray in 1882 and published a valuable description of his Scriptorium, including his (or rather his wife Ada Murray’s) careful preservation of his correspondence (Humphreys 1882).
Sir Thomas Huntermalecorrespondent (no letters online)9 June 1850 Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland 25 August 1919 ScottishJudge / Town Clerk of Edinburgh (18951918)
Richard Holt Huttonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)2 June 1826 Leeds, Yorkshire, England 9 September 1897 EnglishJournalist / Theologian VIAF / ODNB
Georgina Frederica Jacksonfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)31 March 1824 Liverpool, Lancashire, England 16 October 1895 EnglishDialectologist
William Wilberforce Jenkinsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1843 26 December 1928 EnglishAuctioneer / Land agent
Henry Jennermalecorrespondent (no letters online)8 August 1848 St Columb Major, Cornwall 8 May 1934 EnglishCeltic scholar VIAF / ODNB
Charles Stanger Jerrammalecorrespondent (no letters online)17 February 1838 Torquay, Devon, England 19 April 1914 EnglishClassicist / Editor VIAF
Jones Danielmalecorrespondent (no letters online)12 September 1881 London, England 4 December 1967 EnglishPhonetician VIAF / ODNB
Benjamin Jowettmalecorrespondent (no letters online)15 April 1817 Camberwell, Surrey, England 1 October 1893 EnglishDelegate of Oxford University Press (18821886) / Master of Balliol College (18701893) / Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford (18821886) VIAF / ODNB
Thomas Henry Kingerleemalecorrespondent26 January 1843 Banbury, Oxfordshire, England 22 December 1928 EnglishBuilder / Mayor of Oxford (18981899, 19111912)
Andrew Langmalecorrespondent (no letters online)31 March 1844 Selkirk, Selkirkshire, Scotland 20 July 1912 ScottishClassicist / Folklorist / Historian VIAF / ODNB
Walter Leafmalecorrespondent (no letters online)26 November 1852 Norwood, Surrey, England 8 March 1927 EnglishBanker / Classicist VIAF / ODNB
James Leckymalecorrespondent (no letters online)1855 30 March 1890 IrishPhonetician
James Crawford Ledliemalecorrespondent (no letters online)April 1860 1928 IrishJurist / Civil servant VIAF
Sir Frederick William Leith-Rossmalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 February 1887 Saint Pierre, Mauritius 22 August 1968 ScottishCivil servant / Economist VIAF
Major John Henry Lesliemalecorrespondent (no letters online)April 1858 London, England 8 January 1943 ScottishArmy officer / Military historian VIAF
Granville George Leveson-Gower, 1st Duke of Sutherlandmalecorrespondent (no letters online)11 May 1815 London, England 31 March 1891 EnglishPolitician VIAF / ODNB
Otto Theodor Leydemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1835 Wehlau, Prussia 31 March 1891 PrussianPainter
Henry George Liddellmalecorrespondent (no letters online)6 February 1811 Binchester, County Durham, England 18 January 1898 EnglishGreek–English lexicographer / Dean of Christ Church (18551891) VIAF / ODNB
John Mason Lightwoodmalecorrespondent (no letters online)6 July 1852 Kings Norton, Worcestershire, England 4 April 1947 EnglishLawyer / Teacher VIAF / ODNB
Gwyneth Nesta Lilian Ruthven (Murray) Loganfemalenon-correspondent1888 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England 1979 EnglishTeacher Gwyneth Logan was the eleventh child of James and Ada Murray. She graduated from Girton College, Cambridge in 1912 with a First in Mathematics and Physics.
James Russell Lowellmalecorrespondent22 February 1819 Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America 12 August 1891 AmericanDiplomat / Poet / Chair of Belles Lettres at Harvard University (18561877) VIAF / ANB
Henry Richard Luardmalecorrespondent (no letters online)17 August 1825 London, England 1 May 1891 EnglishClergyman / University administrator VIAF / ODNB
George Campbell Macaulaymalecorrespondent (no letters online)(6 August 1852 Hodnet, Shropshire, England 6 July 1915 EnglishClassicist VIAF
Norman MacCollmalecorrespondent (no letters online)31 August 1843 Edinburgh, Scotland 16 December 1904 ScottishEditor / Hispanist VIAF
Falconer Madanmalecorrespondent (no letters online)15 April 1851 Cam, Gloucestershire, England 22 May 1935 EnglishBibliographer / Bodley’s Librarian (19121919) VIAF / ODNB
Frederic William Maitlandmalecorrespondent (no letters online)28 May 1850 London, England 20 December 1906 EnglishLegal historian VIAF / ODNB
Francis Andrew Marchmalecorrespondent (no letters online)25 October 1825 Millbury, Massachusetts, United States of America 9 September 1911 AmericanHistorian / Philologist VIAF
Sir Clements Robert Markhammalecorrespondent (no letters online)20 July 1830 Stillingfleet, Yorkshire, England 30 January 1916 EnglishGeographer VIAF / ODNB
Jenny Julia Eleanor Marxfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)16 January 1855 London, England 31 March 1898 German / EnglishAuthor / Socialist activist VIAF / ODNB
Leonard MayallmalecorrespondentMarch 1865 Mossley, Lancashire, England EnglishCotton-spinner
Anthony Lawson Mayhewmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1842 1916 EnglishPhilologist / Chaplain VIAF
Alfred James McFarlanemalecorrespondent (no letters online)20 June 1870 Lifou, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia 5 May 1957 ScottishMissionary
I. McLeodfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)Teacher
Sir Roderick Sinclair Meiklejohnmalecorrespondent (no letters online)30 May 1876 18 January 1962 EnglishSecretary to Herbert Henry Asqutih
Paul (Marie-Paul-Hyacinthe) Meyermalecorrespondent17 January 1840 Paris, France 8 September 1917 FrenchChair of Southern European Language and Literature at the Collège de France (18761906) / Director of the École nationale des chartes (18821916) VIAFOne of the great authorities of the day on historical French and other Romance languages, Meyer was at the centre of a European network of historical philologists, many of whom published their pioneering work in the various scholarly periodicals he founded. He was particularly well known for his access to the huge collection of Anglo-Norman manuscripts in Sir Thomas Phillips’s library in Cheltenham; as an expert in handwriting, he also played a key role (for the defence) in the Dreyfus trial of 1898. Meyer was one of Murray’s most longstanding, frequent, and valuable correspondents, exchanging letters with him nearly every day during the first twelve years of Murray’s editorship of the dictionary and answering hundreds of queries on the etymology of English words in French and other Romance languages (see Murray’s own account in letter 930619A, written on the occasion of Meyer’s receiving an honorary degree from the University of Oxford in 1893). Meyer was also a close friend and regular correspondent of Lucy Toulmin Smith, with whom he collaborated professionally. See Latowsky (2011).
Annabella Milnefemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1842? 1936? Scottish
John Mitchellmalenon-correspondent1858–1859 30 August 1894 Lexicographer Mitchell was one of Murray’s editorial assistants on the OED from 1882 to 1888, and then again from 1889 until his death in a climbing accident.
Dr Moffat
Harriet Moorefemalecorrespondent (no letters online)29 April 1806 Derby, Derbyshire, England 30 August 1887 English
Lieutenant-Colonel William Edward Mossmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1875 14 February 1953 EnglishBook collector VIAF
Alfred William Mudgemalecorrespondent (no letters online)c. 1833 29 August 1921 BritishPainter VIAF
Friedrich Max Müllermalecorrespondent (no letters online)6 December 1823 Dessau, Anhalt-Dessau, Germany 28 October 1900 GermanPhilologist VIAF / ODNB
Lady Ada Agnes (Ruthven) Murrayfemalecorrespondent12 October 1845 Kendal, Westmorland, England 28 February 1936 EnglishHousewife Ada Murray was the second wife of James Murray, with whom she had eleven children. In addition to managing the family home, Ada Murray assisted her husband in his work on the OED and kept his papers, accounts and letters.
Ælfric Charles Ruthven Murraymalenon-correspondent19 May 1880 Mill Hill, London, England 1949 EnglishVicar Ælfric Murray was the seventh child of James and Ada Murray.
Arthur Hugh Jowett Murraymalenon-correspondent1886 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England 1981 EnglishMissionary Jowett Murray (who always went by his middle name) was the tenth child of James and Ada Murray.
Charles Oliver Murraymalecorrespondent (no letters online)1842 Denholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland 11 December 1923 ScottishPainter Charles Murray was the youngest brother of James Murray.
Ethelbert Thomas Ruthven Murraymalecorrespondent (no letters online)10 January 1870 Camberwell, Surrey, England 16 December 1927 EnglishEthelbert Murray was the second child of James and Ada Murray.
George Gilbert Aimé Murraymalecorrespondent (no letters online)2 January 1866 Sydney, Australia 20 May 1957 AustralianClassicist VIAF / ODNB
Harold James Ruthven Murraymalecorrespondent (no letters online)24 June 1868 Peckham, Surrey, England 16 May 1955 EnglishSchool inspector VIAFHarold Murray was the eldest child of James and Ada Murray.
Hilda Mary Emily Ada Ruthven Murrayfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)17 November 1875 Mill Hill, London, England 23 August 1951 EnglishVice-Mistress of Girton College, Cambridge (19241936) / Literary scholar / Philologist VIAF / ODNBHilda Murray was the fifth child of James and Ada Murray. She worked as one of her father’s editorial assistants on the OED between 1896 and 1899. She went on to become Director of Studies in Medieval and Modern Languages then English at Girton College from 1915 to 1936, and after serving as Vice-Mistress became a Life Fellow in 1942.
Sir James Augustus Henry Murraymalecorrespondent7 February 1837 Denholm, Roxburghshire, Scotland 26 July 1915 ScottishPhilologist / Lexicographer VIAF / ODNBJames Murray served as the chief editor of the OED from 1879 until his death. In his youth, he worked as a schoolteacher and became headmaster of Hawick Academy in 1857. In 1862 he married Margaret ‘Maggie’ Scott, with whom he had a daughter, Anna Maria Gretchen, in 1864. The child lived for only seven months. Maggie herself suffered from tuberculosis, and for the sake of her health the couple moved south to London, where James took a position as a clerk at the Chartered Bank of India, Australia, and China. Maggie died in 1865. Two years later, James married Ada Ruthven, with whom he would go on to have eleven children. Around this time, he joined the London Philological Society, and in 1870 the connections he made through the Society enabled him to leave his clerical job and become a master at Mill Hill School. In 1876, it was suggested to Murray that he take on the Society’s long-dormant project to compile a new English dictionary. After several years of negotiations with different publishers, the Society reached an agreement with Oxford University Press in 1879. Under Murray’s editorship, the first part of the dictionary was published in 1884. The last instalment to be edited by him, Turndun–Tzirid, appeared posthumously in 1916. Three of his children—Elsie, Hilda, and Rosfrith—worked at various times as editorial assistants on the dictionary.
Katherine Maud Elisabeth Murrayfemalenon-correspondent3 December 1909 6 February 1998 EnglishBiographer / Headmistress of Bishop Otter College (19481970) / University administrator ODNBElisabeth Murray was appointed Assistant Tutor and Registrar at Girton College in 1938, then Domestic Bursar and finally Junior Bursar in 19421948, before moving to become Principal of Bishop Otter College in Chichester (a teacher training institution for women) where she remained till retirement in 1970.
Madeline Murrayfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1901 Cape Town, Cape Colony 1972 EnglishMadeline Murray was the daughter of Phoebe and Wilfrid Murray.
Margaret Isabella Sarah (Scott) Murrayfemalenon-correspondent1834 29 September 1865 ScottishSchoolmistress Margaret ‘Maggie’ Murray taught in schools near Manchester and in Belfast before marrying James Murray in 1862. Thereafter she taught music at Hawick Academy, where he was headmaster. In 1864 they had a daughter, Anna Maria Gretchen, who lived for only seventh months. Maggie Murray herself suffered from an advanced stage of tuberculosis, and in 1864 the couple moved south to London for her health. She died a year later. (See letter 821203A.)
Lady Mildred Octavia (March) Murrayfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1876 1 March 1969 EnglishBiographer Mildred O. Murray was married to Oswyn Murray and wrote a posthumous biography of him (Murray 1940).
Sir Oswyn Alexander Ruthven Murraymalecorrespondent (no letters online)17 August 1873 Mill Hill, London, England 10 July 1936 EnglishCivil servant ODNBOswyn Murray was the fourth child of James and Ada Murray and the husband of Mildred Murray. He had a notably successful career in the Admiralty, ‘probably its ablest permanent secretary in modern times’, as quoted in his ODNB entry. He was knighted in 1917, the year he was appointed to this post.
Phoebe Henrietta (Woodhead) Murrayfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)EnglishMember of the South African Women’s Auxiliary Service Phoebe Murray was the wife of Wilfrid Murray.
Rosfrith Ada Nina Ruthven Murrayfemalenon-correspondent5 February 1884 Mill Hill, London, England 20 May 1973 EnglishLexicographer Rosfrith Murray (known as ‘Nina’ as a girl) was the ninth child of James and Ada Murray. She worked as an editorial assistant on the OED from 1902 to 1929.
Wilfrid George Ruthven Murraymalecorrespondent (no letters online)20 October 1871 Mill Hill, London, England 1964 EnglishWilfrid Murray was the third child of James and Ada Murray and the husband of Phoebe Murray.
Arthur Sampson Napiermalecorrespondent (no letters online)30 August 1853 Bollin Fee, Wilmslow, Cheshire, England 10 May 1916 EnglishPhilologist VIAF / ODNB
Alfred Newtonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)11 June 1829 Geneva, Switzerland 7 June 1907 EnglishZoologist VIAF / ODNB
Henry Nicolmalecorrespondent (no letters online)c. 1845 30 January 1881 EnglishPhilologist
Jane (Rutherford) Oliverfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)20 February 1839 Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland 26 December 1914 ScottishLocal historian
Sir Charles William Chadwick Omanmalecorrespondent (no letters online)12 January 1860 Muzaffarpur, North-Western Provinces, India 23 June 1946 EnglishHistorian VIAF / ODNB
Angela (Blythman) Onionsfemalenon-correspondent28 September 1883 26 March 1941 EnglishHousewife Angela Onions was married to Charles Talbut Onions, with whom she had ten children, and managed the family home.
Charles Talbut Onionsmalecorrespondent (no letters online)10 September 1873 Birmingham, England 8 January 1965 EnglishPhilologist / Lexicographer VIAF / ODNBCharles Talbut Onions was married to Angela Onions, with whom he had ten children. He worked on the OED as an editorial assistant, first to Murray from 1894, then to Bradley from 1899; he also did piecemeal work for Craigie from 1906. In 1914, he was made an editor, a position he held until the publication of the first Supplement in 1933. He was married to Angela Onions.
Paul Édouard Passymalecorrespondent (no letters online)13 January 1859 Versailles, Yvelines, France 21 March 1940 FrenchLinguist VIAF
Francis William Pembermalecorrespondent16 August 1862 19 January 1954 EnglishWarden of All Souls College (19141932) / Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford (19261929)
William Pengellymalecorrespondent (no letters online)12 January 1812 East Looe, Cornwall, England 16 March 1894 EnglishArchaeologist / Geologist VIAF / ODNB
George Alexander Felix Pernetmalecorrespondent1862 London, England 6 January 1940 EnglishDermatologist
William Gordon Perrinmalecorrespondent (no letters online)10 February 1874 12 February 1931 EnglishAdmiralty librarian (19081931)
Sir Isaac Pitmanmalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 January 1813 Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England 22 January 1897 EnglishInventor of Pitman shorthand / Teacher VIAF / ODNB
Sir Frederick Pollock, 3rd Baronetmalecorrespondent (no letters online)10 December 1845 London, England 18 January 1937 EnglishJurist VIAF / ODNB
James Eyre Poppletonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1861 Bradford, Yorkshire, England 11 May 1925 EnglishAntiquarian / Lawyer
Constance Mary (Fearon) Pottfemalecorrespondent1833 25 May 1915 EnglishLiterary scholar VIAF
Cuthbert Young Pottsmalecorrespondent1824/1825 11 May 1909 EnglishClergyman
Sir Edward Bagnall Poultonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)27 January 1856 Reading, Berkshire, England 20 November 1943 EnglishZoologist VIAF / ODNB
Sir David Prainmalecorrespondent11 July 1857 Fettercairn, Kincardineshire, Scotland 16 March 1944 ScottishBotanist VIAF / ODNB
Bartholomew Pricemalecorrespondent14 May 1818 Coln St Dennis, Gloucestershire, England 29 December 1898 EnglishMathematician / Master of Pembroke College, Oxford (18921898) / Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press (18681884) VIAF / ODNBAs Secretary, Price ‘negotiated the terms of the Press’s agreements with Murray and the Philological Society regarding OED’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Richard Chandler Alexander Priormalecorrespondent1809 Corsham, Wiltshire, England 5 December 1902 EnglishBotanist / Physician VIAFAuthor of On the Popular Names of British Plants (1863). Also published a collection of translations of Danish ballads (1860) and a book on croquet (1872). Read for OED (credited with 11,700 quotations in 1888), and gave advice on some plant names and botanical terms’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Richard Bissell Prossermalecorrespondent (no letters online)25 August 1838 Birmingham, England 18 March 1918 EnglishPatent examiner / Industrial historian VIAF
Robert Purdonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)ScottishTown Clerk of Hawick
Clara Dorothea Rackhamfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)3 December 1875 London, England 11 March 1966 EnglishPolitical reformer / Suffragist ODNB
Alfred Arthur Reademalecorrespondent (no letters online)1851 Snelson, Cheshire, England EnglishJournalist VIAF
Vincent Burrough Redstonemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1853 Hampshire, England 26 April 1941 EnglishLocal historian
Sir John Rhŷsmalecorrespondent (no letters online)21 June 1840 Ponterwyd, Ceredigion, Wales 17 December 1915 WelshCeltic scholar / President of Jesus College, Oxford (18951915) VIAF / ODNB
Charles Pierre Henri Rieumalecorrespondent (no letters online)8 June 1820 Geneva, Switzerland 19 March 1902 SwissAsian scholar VIAF / ODNB
Briton Rivièremalecorrespondent (no letters online)14 August 1840 London, England 20 April 1920 EnglishPainter VIAF / ODNB
John Robsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1829 Eckford, Roxburghshire, Scotland 1904 Scottish
Annie Mary Anne Henley Rogersfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)15 February 1856 Oxford, Oxfordshire, England 28 October 1937 EnglishCampaigner for women’s higher education / Classicist VIAF / ODNB
Sir Henry Enfield Roscoemalecorrespondent (no letters online)7 January 1833 London, England 18 December 1915 English VIAF / ODNB
Joseph Benjamin Rundellmalecorrespondent (no letters online)c. 1834 1 April 1889 EnglishCivil servant / Editor / Spelling reformer VIAF
George Augustus Salamalecorrespondent24 November 1828 London, England 8 December 1895 EnglishJournalist / Novelist VIAF / ODNB
Philip Lutley Sclatermalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 November 1829 Wootton St Lawrence, Hampshire, England 27 June 1913 EnglishZoologist VIAF / ODNB
Charles Scottmalecorrespondent (no letters online)Lawyer
Frederic Scruttonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1859 London, England 27 April 1937 EnglishShipowner
SirThomas Edward Scruttonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)28 August 1856 London, England 18 August 1934 EnglishJudge / Jurist VIAF / ODNB
Horace Alfred Damer Seymourmalecorrespondent (no letters online)9 April 1843 Brighton, Sussex, England 25 June 1902 EnglishCivil servant
Evelyn Jane Sharpfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 August 1869 London, England 17 June 1955 EnglishChildren’s author / Suffragist VIAF / ODNB
Eduard Sieversmalecorrespondent (no letters online)25 November 1850 Lippoldsberg, Hesse, Germany 30 March 1932 GermanPhilologist VIAF
Kenneth Sisammalecorrespondent (no letters online)2 September 1887 Ōpōtiki, North Island, New Zealand 26 August 1971 New ZealanderPhilologist / Assistant Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press (1925–1942) / Secretary to the Delegates of Oxford University Press (1942–1948) VIAF / ODNB
Walter William Skeatmalecorrespondent21 November 1835 London, England 30 October 1912 EnglishElrington and Bosworth Professor of Anglo-Saxon at the University of Cambridge (1878-1912) VIAF / ODNB‘Published many important works in English philology, perhaps most notably the Etymological Dictionary of the English Language (1882). Joined the Philological Society in 1863, and took an early interest in OED; sub-edited in R for Furnivall. Founded the English Dialect Society in 1873, through which he encountered Murray and became a close friend and adviser ... by reading books, seeking out quotations, giving etymological advice on particular words, and reading proofs’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Thomas Collins Snowmalecorrespondent (no letters online)2 February 1852 York, Yorkshire, England 27 October 1926 EnglishClassicist VIAF
William Johnson Sollasmalecorrespondent (no letters online)30 May 1849 Birmingham, England 20 October 1936 EnglishAnthropologist / Geologist VIAF / ODNB
Lucy Helen Muriel Soulsbyfemalecorrespondent18 July 1856 London, England 19 May 1927 EnglishHeadmistress of Oxford High School (18871897) VIAF / ODNB
Anthony Butler Starkmalecorrespondent (no letters online)13 July 1832 Robertson County, Tennessee, United States of America 1884 AmericanPresident of Logan Female College, Kentucky (18741883)
Sir Leslie Stephenmalecorrespondent (no letters online)28 November 1832 London, England 22 February 1904 EnglishAuthor / Lexicographer VIAF / ODNBStephen was the first editor of the Dictionary of National Biography (1885–1900) until his resignation in 1891.
Robert Louis Stevensonmalecorrespondent13 November 1850 Edinburgh, Scotland 3 December 1894 ScottishNovelist / Poet VIAF / ODNB
Margaret (Haig) Stuartfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)Scottish
Henry Sweetmalecorrespondent15 September 1845 London, England 30 April 1912 EnglishPhilologist / Phonetician VIAF / ODNB
Algernon Charles Swinburnemalecorrespondent5 April 1837 London, England 10 April 1909 EnglishLiterary scholar / Poet VIAF / ODNB
George Frederick Holley Sykesmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1829 3 February 1910 Lexicographer / Schoolmaster VIAFSykes worked on the OED as an editorial assistant, first to Murray from 1885, then to Bradley from 1887 to 1903.
William Sykesmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1851 1906 Physician
James Joseph Sylvestermalecorrespondent (no letters online)3 September 1814 London, England 15 March 1897 EnglishMathematician VIAF / ODNB
Henriette Taylorfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)Librarian
T. S. L.English
Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennysonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)6 August 1809 Somersby, Lincolnshire, England 6 October 1892 EnglishPoet / Poet Laureate of the United Kingdom (18501892) VIAF / ODNB
Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennysonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)11 August 1852 Twickenham, Middlesex, England 2 December 1928 EnglishBiographer / Governor-general of Australia (19031904) VIAF / ODNB
Sir William Turner Thiselton-Dyermalecorrespondent (no letters online)28 July 1843 London, England 23 December 1928 EnglishBotanist / Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (18851905) VIAF / ODNB
Edith Thompsonfemalecorrespondent16 May 1848 Greenwich, London, England 26 August 1929 EnglishHistorian / Lexicographer VIAF / ODNB‘Wrote a popular History of England (1873) for schools. Gave advice to OED on historical terms, and sought out quotations for particular words. She and her sister Elizabeth Perronet Thompson (18571930) (who also wrote A Dragoon’s Wife, subtitled ‘a romance of the 17th century’) were readers for OED (credited with 15,000 quotations in 1888), and gave help throughout its period of publication, including sub-editing in C, and reading proofs from D onwards’ (Gilliver 2000–). See ‘Women and the Dictionary, Part I: Assistants and Volunteers’.
Sir Edward Maunde Thompsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 May 1840 Clarendon, Jamaica 14 September 1929 EnglishPalaeographer / Librarian VIAF / ODNB
Joseph Thompsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1833 1909 EnglishAlderman / Businessman
Thomas Perronet Edward Thompsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)4 May 1813 York, Yorkshire, England 25 August 1904 EnglishJudge / Lawyer
Mary S. Thorpefemalecorrespondent (no letters online)
Hon. Beatrix Lucia Catherine Tollemachefemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1840 Cheshire, England 23 December 1926 EnglishAuthor / Translator from Russian VIAF
Lucy Toulmin Smithfemalecorrespondent21 November 1838 Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America 18 December 1911 American / EnglishLibrarian / Literary scholar VIAF / ODNBAccomplished medievalist with expertise in Middle English and Old French. Editor of the Clarendon Press York Mystery Plays, the standard text until the 1980s, and long-standing contributor to OED as well as protegée and friend of Murray. See ‘Women and the Dictionary, Part I: Assistants and Volunteers’.
Paget Jackson Toynbeemalecorrespondent (no letters online)20 January 1855 Wimbledon, Surrey, England 13 May 1932 EnglishDante scholar VIAF / ODNB
Richard Chenevix Trenchmalecorrespondent (no letters online)9 September 1807 Dublin, Ireland 28 March 1886 IrishArchbishop of Dublin (18641884) VIAF / ODNB
Frances Eleanor Trollopefemalecorrespondent (no letters online)August 1835 Delaware Bay, United States of America 14 August 1913 EnglishNovelist VIAF
Thomas Adolphus Trollopecorrespondent (no letters online)29 April 1810 London, England 11 November 1892 EnglishHistorian / Novelist VIAF / ODNB
S. Alice Tuckerfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)Teacher
Sir Edward Burnett Tylormalecorrespondent2 October 1832 Camberwell, Surrey, England 2 January 1917 EnglishAnthropologist VIAF / ODNBTylor would be acknowledged in the first volume of the OED for his assistance with words from American and African languages (Murray 1888: xii). However, he would fall out with Murray in 1892, after a public argument over the use of the word couvade to describe certain childbirth customs supposedly practised in provincial France (see Bailey 2000: 220–224).
Charles Anthony Vincemalecorrespondent (no letters online)7 December 1855 Handsworth, Staffordshire, England 27 January 1929 EnglishHeadmaster of Mill Hill School (18861891)
Sydney Howard Vinesmalecorrespondent31 December 1849 London, England 4 April 1934 EnglishBotanist VIAF / ODNB
William Walbranmalecorrespondent (no letters online)Clergyman
William Walshmalecorrespondent (no letters online)30 January 1841 Dublin, Ireland 9 April 1921 IrishArchbishop of Dublin (18851921) VIAF
Prudence Elizabeth Frances Walterfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)1859 Dublin, Ireland 1941
Edith Elizabeth Wardalefemalecorrespondent (no letters online)6 March 1863 Orcheston St Mary, Wiltshire, England 27 February 1943 EnglishLiterary scholar / Philologist VIAF / ODNB
Sir Thomas Herbert Warrenmalecorrespondent (no letters online)21 October 1853 Bristol, England 9 June 1930 EnglishClassicist / President of Magdalen College (18851928) VIAF / ODNB
David McBurnie Watsonmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1836/1837 Hawick, Roxburghshire, Scotland 18 September 1902 EnglishLocal historian
William Henry Wesleymalecorrespondent (no letters online)23 August 1841 Stapenhill, Staffordshire, England 17 October 1922 EnglishAstronomer
Richard Francis Weymouthmalecorrespondent (no letters online)26 October 1822 Plymouth, Devon, England 27 December 1902 EnglishPhilologist / Theologian / Headmaster of Mill Hill School (18691886) VIAF / ODNB
Ralph Olmsted Williamsmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1837/1838 17 July 1908 AmericanLexicographer
Eliza Woodhousefemalecorrespondent1850 2 January 1924 Headmistress of Sheffield High School (18781898) / Headmistress of Clapham High School (18981912) At the age of 28, Woodhouse became the second Headmistress of Sheffield High School (set up in 1878); she later took up another headship at Clapham High School (founded in 1887).
Dame Elizabeth Wordsworthfemalecorrespondent22 June 1840 Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, England 30 November 1932 EnglishAuthor / Founding Principal of Lady Margaret Hall (18791909) VIAF / ODNB
Walter Worrallmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1862 1943 EnglishLexicographer Worrall was the longest serving editorial assistant on the OED (from 1885 to 1933, or in his own words, ‘48 years of unremitting toil’), initially as a member of Murray’s staff, subsequently under first Bradley then Onions (see Brewer 2007: 35). He suffered from chronic neuralgic headaches throughout his working life, which he ascribed to his occupation. He ‘took special responsibility for parts of W after the death of Bradley. Also published editions of Bacon’s Essayes or Counsels and Milton’s sonnets, and some articles of textual criticism’ (Gilliver 2000–).
Jane F. Worthingtonfemalecorrespondent (no letters online)
Elizabeth Mary (Lea) Wrightfemalecorrespondent10 October 1863 London, England 4 October 1958 EnglishDialectologist / Folklorist / Philologist VIAFLea, later Wright, entered Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, in 1887, where she attended Joseph Wright’s lectures. She later managed all the clerical labour on his major work, The English Dialect Dictionary, having married him in 1896. See further Wright (1932).
Joseph Wrightmalecorrespondent31 October 1855 Thackley, Yorkshire, England 27 February 1930 EnglishDialectologist / Philologist VIAF / ODNBWright was the editor of The English Dialect Dictionary, the clerical work for which was undertaken by Elizabeth Wright (née Lea), whom he married in 1896. See further Wright (1932).
William Aldis Wrightmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1 August 1831 Beccles, Suffolk, England 19 May 1914 EnglishLiterary scholar / Theologian VIAF / ODNB
John Yeatsmalecorrespondent (no letters online)1822 14 June 1902 Historian of commerce VIAF / ODNB
Charlotte Mary Yongefemalecorrespondent11 August 1823 24 March 1901 Novelist VIAF / ODNBHighly regarded novelist, in later editions of the OED one of the most quoted female writers. ‘Sub-edited part of N, in collaboration with her cousin Henry Hucks Gibbs’ (Gilliver 2000–).